High-quality metal sheet processing for third parties

As a supplier to numerous sectors, Avasco Subcontracting has more than 50 years of expertise in metal sheet processing. This wide-ranging experience and specialisation make us a trusted partner for various components and solutions. Full in-house production, great flexibility and high quality are our main strengths.

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Custom-tailored to your production

Europe's most advanced machinery

Avasco Subcontracting's ability to perfectly meet all its customers' needs is the result of a strong combination: a team of talented experts and Europe's most advanced machinery. This allows us to process metal sheets into prefabricated parts according to our customers’ wishes, and for your sector too.


Seeking perfection

Your project in good hands

Since the very beginning in 1969, Avasco Industries has been renowned for its high quality and great service.  These company values are reflected in every group department. This is why Avasco Subcontracting also provides high-quality solutions for every project, from small metal parts to big bespoke constructions.


A team of talented experts and Europe's most advanced machinery